I have already applied job to SCG Head Office Building, Do I have to re-apply for SCG Chemicals ?
You can easily apply at any convenient place both SCG or SCG Chemicals.
Can I directly apply job with any company in SCG Chemicals business in Rayong ?
Yes, all companies in Rayong will collect all application forms and send to SCG Chemicals, Bangsue for further consideration.
How to indicate applied position ?
Whenever you know available positions, please indicate that particular positions in the application form. However, if you don't know vacant positions or preferred ones which are not now available, please fill in any interested positions.
What are applying and interviewing process ?
If you are well qualified to any vacant position, SCG Chemicals will make the first interview and English proficiency test appointment. SCG Chemicals will arrange the second interview for only short-listed candidates who passed the first round.
If my GPA for Bachelor and / or Master degree are less than 2.70 / 3.30 respectively, Do I have to be considered ?
Yes, SCG Chemicals will consider your job application of under qualified GPA in case of having at least 5 years working experience.
When is job application deadline of announced position ?
SCG Chemicals considers a job application form on the basis of first come first serve, however, the policy is keeping and considering your application form for one year.
Military Exemption
SCG Chemicals is well-reserved to consider the military exempted applicants first